5 Signs of Being Americanized

I panicked a little bit when I realized that I have these weird behaviors.

1. You start craving for cheeseburgers all the time

I even want cheeseburgers for breakfast sometimes.

2. It feels weird when a Chinese restaurant doesn’t serve you a fortune cookie at the end of your meal

I literally asked for my cookie, but some Chinese restaurants in California don’t even serve them anymore.

3. Wearing this to class feels acceptable

It’s like going to class is no longer going to public.

4. You use “bro”, “brah”, “dude”… in every sentence, even when talking to your female friends

Also, “you guys”, “you know” and you know…

5. House parties sound more fun than karaoke

American college students party hard.

All of the above are from my personal experience. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me about yours!


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